Highland Bowen and  Massage

Respect your body when it’s asking for a break
Respect your mind when it’s seeking rest
Honour yourself when you need some time out

The Bowen Technique

The Bowen Technique is a remedial, hands-on therapy that is applied using very gentle pressure. The practitioner uses thumbs and fingers on precise points of the body to perform Bowen’s unique sets of rolling-type moves which stimulate the muscles and soft tissue of the body.

There is no manipulation or adjustment of hard tissue and no force is used


Sports & Remedial Massage

Anyone who has a specific soft tissue condition or wants to improve his/her general well-being, flexibility and movement can benefit from massage.

Sports & Remedial massage is a deep form of soft tissue work that consists of a variety of techniques.
Neuromuscular, myofascial & positional release treatment offer specific relief to a target area
Exercise and stretch programmes can be developed to aid recovery

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage involves soft, long, kneading strokes, as well as light, rhythmic, tapping strokes, on the topmost layers of muscles. By relieving muscle tension Swedish massage can be both relaxing and energizing



Scar Tissue Release(MSTR)

A scar is just the tip of a the iceberg

When the body is injured from trauma or surgery the body heals by laying fibres to close the wound. What we see on the surface is a scar, what is happening underneath is far more wide reaching. Over time the scar becomes tough and tight but underneath the once gliding tissues become sticky and in some cases stuck solid, pulling all associated tissues into it. Research shows that releasing the scar tissue releases the underlying tissues and in turn may release pain and increase movement to many areas of the body.

I originally went to Debra with the hope of helping with my poor posture. Debra worked wonders on my shoulders and a big difference was noticed after a few sessions. Debra has been excellent at helping me with various strains and pains I’ve encountered over the last year. I now try to get a massage monthly, it’s something I really look forward to, not only does it help fix my strains and sprains it is a full hour of me time with total relaxation. Would highly recommend highland Bowen and Massage to everyone


I have been seeing Debra for quite a few years now. Her kind, understanding and supportive practice has been a life saviour for me during an incredibly stressful time of my life. Walking into the calm oasis of her healing space be it in Kingussie or Inverness is just wonderful. Thanks to her Bowen treatment I have managed to keep hip and knee pain at bay not to mention the incredible emotional support I have received through this therapy.


I have been visiting Debra for a few years now and the Bowen Therapy has helped keep an old shoulder injury under control as well as any other joint and muscle aches. The therapy is so refreshing and relaxing also and I look forward to my sessions with this lovely lady’


After years of crippling back and leg pain, I was fortunate to be told of Debra. After a few sessions the pain had subsided massively.  We continued with the treatment, a mixture of all Debra’s skill set got me to a place that I couldn’t remember feeling.  I can’t recommend her highly enough to do her justice.

Thank you Debra


I have been experiencing the Bowen Treatment from Debra for several years. It is a non-invasive and gentle form of therapy but it has been hugely beneficial to me. It is effective for specific problems and l also have a regular ‘maintenance’ treatment which l find to be extremely helpful, l highly recommend it.


I have been having Bowen Treatment from Debra for a number of years. I first went after an illness and the treatment got me back on my feet. I now have regular maintenance treatments which are very relaxing and catch any problems early preventing them from becoming chronic


Equine related injuries lead me to Debra’s door to try my first Bowen Treatment. From my first visit I was able to feel relief from years of sciatica and back pain caused by falls and other strains on my poor old body!

Debra has since worked to relieve the pressure resulting from a serious horse bite to the middle of my back which caused bruising from neck to bottom and around my waist. She has also treated various soft tissue injuries to my arms and neck from gardening strains. Plus the usual age related arthritic type pains!

I love feeling the gentle movements from Debra’s warm healing hands on my body, the ambience in the room and the chance to totally relax in a safe environment knowing that I will feel so much better afterwards.

Habitually I go straight home to bed after treatment, where I sleep soundly for at least an hour. Next day I usually feel like I have been “pulled through a hedge backwards” but I know that, 48 hours after treatment, I will, once again, feel like a “spring chicken”!



Debra is amazing.

She gets rid of all my aches and pains.

After my treatment from her I just float home!




I had been experiencing severe nerve and muscular pain in my left leg for almost two years which neither my doctor nor physiotherapist in Edinburgh were able to explain or help alleviate, except in the form of pain killers.  I was recommended to go to see Debra and I admit, as a last resort, I did so.  I attended appointments with her about once a month for about 6 months and each time my symptoms eased until I now am pain free. 

I have no real understanding of how the Bowen therapy works but I do know that, after using it as my only treatment for a number of months, my pain and discomfort have gone.



After falling off my bike on to my arm, I thought I had got away with it! Unfortunately though, exacerbated with the help of a desk job, after a couple of months and despite having massages elsewhere, I ended up with severe restrictions in my movements in my neck, shoulders and arms. Result was not one but 2 frozen shoulders! After finding Debra, thankfully my recovery began and even after the first treatment I noticed a difference. Debra is a very gifted and caring skilled therapist who I would highly recommend. So don’t delay, if you’re reading this you need a helping hand. Get booking! 


Imagine what an hour can do…


Do something today thatt your future self will be grateful for

Strength Building

Discuss and develop an exercise or stretching programme to keep you moving

Stress Relief

Take time out for yourself to rest, think and clear your mind

Relax & Refresh

Hit the reset button and go about your day with a clearer mind

Beauty of Body

Re-engergise your mind and body and give yourself a kick start to feeling better

Mind & Soul

Your mind and soul are closely linked. Listen to your body, it talks to you every day….

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My Journey….

I have always been interested in the mind and body connection and have been lucky enough to, so far, lead an healthy and active lifestyle.

No doubt about it, our bodies change and by listening to those changes, the lower back and knee pain, the hips and pelvis stiffness, the tummy troubles and headaches we can monitor them and do something about them before they become a real problem.

What I have learnt is that our body is constantly talking to us it’s just that we do not always listen. The time soon comes when the body says ‘I have been warning you about this but you ignored me so now I have to stop you to make you do something about it’ and you end up bent double in pain and unable to function on a day to day basis.

Whatever treatment you decide upon will be beneficial to your health and if you are seeing your GP the treatments can work together, healthy mind, healthier body, it’s  all linked.

If you have any questions that aren’t answered in are FAQ’s or you wish to book an appointment please contact me at debra@highlandbowen.com