My Journey to Bowen and beyond


I discovered Bowen whilst living overseas almost twenty years ago.I became a case study for someone training in the therapy and I was astounded at how I felt after each session. Initially I went for my irritable bowel but after a while, stomach sorted, I was going for the calmness and balance that I felt after the treatment.

On returning to the UK I researched Bowen and took part one of my training in the South of England, very close to where I grew up. Very soon after I moved to Scotland and life took a different path so I put my Bowen books to one side knowing I would return to it at some point in my life. That point came about in 2010 when I developed tennis elbow in my right arm. Over time the pain became excruciating. I had three steroid injections in the space of eighteen months and was advised there was no other option but to operate and cut the tendon. I couldn’t believe the pain that I was in and when I couldn’t pick up a cup of tea I knew the operation wasn’t that far away.

This is where my personal Bowen journey started again

Whilst waiting for an operation date I discovered my Bowen books and low and behold it all came back to me. I started treating myself as best as I could with my left hand and once again was astounded at how my body reacted. Almost immediately I felt the benefit, in three weeks my pain was practically gone and in four weeks I was advising the hospital that I no longer wanted to be on the list for an operation. Since that time I have been pain free, have had no further steroid injections and still have my tendons intact. I researched Bowen in the Highlands and couldn’t find anyone locally so I decided to put my faith in my belief of the treatment and aimed to become a Bowen Therapist.

I have been interested in the mind/body connection for many years and initially trained as a hypnotherapist although I no longer practice. I have also undertaken training in Reiki but Bowen has always won me over. I finally qualified as a Bowen Therapist with The College of Bowen Studies in September 2013. I am fully insured and I hold a VTCT diploma certificate in Anatomy and Physiology and my continuous personal development has included workshops in Kinetics, Neurology, spinal and most recently Bowen in sports.

Taking my knowledge further I decided to study massage and qualified in the initial groundworks of Swedish Massage (trained through Scottish Massage Schools) and then onto an HNC Sports Massage therapy (trained through UHI Inverness) as I am fully aware that sometimes you just need something else. Training for the HNC took me down several routes including nutrition, exercise and rehabilitation and even more anatomy and physiology.

Knowledge of anatomy is the key attribute to each of these therapies and I have undertaken three anatomy and physiology courses throughout my training. I am fascinated by the human body and our ability to do what we do.

My learning continues annually…..

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