Sports & Remedial 

and Swedish Massage



Massage…….. the systematic manual manipulation of the soft-tissues, deigned to produce specific responses in the body and ultimately improve movement and mobility
(Ward K: 2017)

Anyone who has a specific soft tissue condition or wants to improve his/her general well-being, flexibility and movement can benefit from massage. Regardless of what it is called, sports massage, Swedish massage, soft tissue manipulation, remedial massage or other soft tissue related names the benefits are…….

Greater flexibility and range of motion – by keeping the fibres long and supple
Improved fluid movement around the joint – all joints are surrounded by synovial fluid to keep them moving

Pain reduction & quicker recovery – by starting the process of breaking down the contracted fibres they can begin the process to re-lay themselves in an elongated (normal) way and begin to heal

Injury prevention – long supple fibres and movable joints reduce the risk of injury
Good exchange of nutrients and waste products to keep the tissues healthy and happy
Relaxation, an hour to yourself, improved posture, improved awareness of your body and it’s needs – the list can go on…….
(Findlay S 2010)


What is the definition of Soft Tissue?

(Healthline 2016) says that soft tissues are different kinds of cells that surround and support your organs and skeletal system. They include your:

synovial membranes
blood vessels

In short, soft tissue is everything housed within your body except bones, teeth, nails and hair.

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