Have you ever used the words ‘I had a funny feeling about that’

Cue the arrival of your intuition, but have you ever wondered what intuition actually is? Well wonder no no more. Your intuition comes from within you from your very own fascial matrix. What is that I hear you cry?  Your fascial matrix runs through every single part of the internal you, your muscles, nerves, arteries and veins, organs and bones: in fact every structure in your body has fascia in and/or around it. It is what connects you on the inside.

Most of the time we orient to the world around us through our five traditional senses of taste, smell touch, sight and sound but these are just a small part of the body’s overall sensory system. The vast majority of our senses are located within our general fascia. Feelings of proprioception (awareness of how we move our body) and interoception (how we are feeling on the inside) are all transmitted through the fascia to the brain. The number of sensory neurons in the general fascial senses is many more times greater than that of the traditional senses. The stream of sensory information coming from your fascia is the greatest in the body and that makes fascia your number one sensory organ.

It’s worth digesting that fact for a minute, as it’s not much talked about. In simple terms it means our greatest sensitivity is throughout the whole body not just through our eyes, ears, nose and mouth.

As you start to listen to your body, to become more aware of these inner feelings, your intuition, that sixth sense, that gut feeling, that feeling in your water or bones are actually feelings that shouldn’t be ignored. Your body, through communication from your fascia to your brain is giving you some important information. Learn to listen to it and you may be surprised to learn a whole new way of thinking.


Cranial intelligence, Biodynamics 2010