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These feet were made for walking…..

These feet were made for walking…..

  We all know the health benefits from a walk in the park but when you see them all written in one place doesn't it make you want to put those boots on and go outside?    

What’s that funny feeling….?

What’s that funny feeling….?

Have you ever used the words 'I had a funny feeling about that' Cue the arrival of your intuition, but have you ever wondered what intuition actually is? Well wonder no no more. Your intuition comes from within you from your very own fascial matrix. What is that I...

Feel the love with Bowen

Feel the love with Bowen

Bowen touches each and every part of us. The body will decide what is important and concentrate on those areas before moving onto others. Be patient and let the work evolve as the body makes changes.

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Updated January 20th 2021

Highland Bowen and Massage will be closed until further notice  I shall keep you all updated as more information arrives.

Best wishes, keep staying safe and hope to see you soon.

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